Preparation of Indigo

Knotting piles

Knotting piles

Finishing process

Each and every rug from MUNI CARPETS is hand woven by an expert craftsperson.
As a result, each and every rug is slightly different, reflecting the unique craftsmanship that went into making it. Please understand that this is the nature of handcrafted products.
We hope you will enjoy selecting one of our distinctive handmade products to suit your lifestyle.


チェアラグ35センチ by MUNI

Chair Rug 35 is a 35x35cm rug designed to fit on a chair. Laying one of these rugs on a chair that you sit every day produces a great sense of comfort and style. It is such a relaxing feeling you will never want to do without it again.





チェアラグ45センチ by MUNI

By increasing the size to 45x45cm, the impact and the range of applications is increased.
For example, you can enjoy using this rug in various settings, such as on large chairs and sofas, etc.

Spice up your room’s decoration with the individuality and style of this distinctive product.



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